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Company History:


This year saw the new version 17 being developed with a release date targeted towards the end of the year. The development saw additional content throughout the software, but with a specific focus on symptom analysis.


In January 2016 the shape of the business changed with technical expert James Dillon taking over the helm. Simon Capon remains involved in a consultancy role, helping to continue to develop the software and its content. The team has released a new version of Diagnostic Assistance software in Mid July 2016.


Continued updates and development to the product see a number of improvements and enhancements to Diagnostic Assistance software and to the members area of the website. We continue to develop the software technical content, as well as sales and distributor partnerships.

2013/14The software CDs

After excellent feedback from technicians on version 12 the business continues to develop the software and version 13 is launched in January 2014. The main improvements are a new front screen and quick link section and the addition of 24 new test topics on a selection of body/chassis related sensors and actuators.

The Oceanic' edition continues to develop with G-Scan equipment support in association with Mount Auto Equip. An on-line member's area is created for file and tip sharing.

There are now 414 topics in total.


Business partner and technical author Steve Bird leaves Auto-Solve in October 2011. James Dillon and Simon Capon reform the company as Auto-Solve Technology Ltd. James Dillon also runs Technical Topics diagnostic workshop and training facility and is well known in the industry for his work and technical topics; including supporting the IMI, Top Technician, Professional Motor Mechanic, AfterMarket and Car Mechanics magazines.

‘Version 12', a completely new software product, is created and released in January 2013 after two years of development. ‘Version 12' has 346 topics and three distinctive sections: (i) Fundamentals, (ii) Diagnostics and Testing, (iii) Reference Library.

2008 - 2010

Version 6.1 is now approved by The Institute of the Motor Industry for IMI Awards Light Vehicle Level 3 and City & Guilds for Level 3 Light Vehicle qualification (4101-06(NVQ), 4101-28 (SVQ), or 4101-51 (VRQ)). Diagnostic Assistance now has its own website. Guest authors write new content including ABS, Air Conditioning and Hybrid Vehicle Technology – in total another 57 new topics are added.

Version 6.2 is released a year later and then version 6.3 in October 2010 which a further additional 33 topics (291 in total) and celebrates ten years of Diagnostic Assistance.

2006 - 2007

Further product developments and the introduction of the ‘Discussion Board' and versions 4.1 and 5.1 were released. Version 4.1 was also available in French in conjunction with Autotechique. Version 5.1 now had around 180 topics.


2004 -2005

Saw product version 3.1 released which was password protected and compiled as an eBook; at this time there were around 140 topics available. The information was also presented to Delphi customers under the name of ‘DATIS'. Auto-Solve ran a series of magazine articles called 'back to basics' in the IMI magazine.


2002 - 2003

For a one year period Diagnostic Assistance was dual branded with the Garage Equipment Association (GEA).


1999 - 2001

The two partners, Steve Bird and Simon Capon, set up Auto-Solve in early 1999. The concept of Auto-Solve was to provide garage and mobile mechanics with generic information on automotive applications, with a bias towards engine management systems.

The website was designed initially as a method of gaining recognition and credibility within the industry. There was free access to all technical topics until the visits per day reached a satisfactory level.

Auto-Solve then restricted access only to subscribers. Those who had purchased the Technical CD ‘Diagnostic Assistance' were given free access to the same information on the internet plus they were given the ability to view updates: thus version 1.1 was created.

Updated information was added in 2001 and 2002 and versions 1.2 and 2.1 were released.

Auto-Solve started a long standing relationship with Pico Technology by helping create sample waveforms and 'help topics' for the Automotive menu system in the PicoScope.


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Auto-Solve Technology Ltd.
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