Frequently Asked Question - Extra Dongles

We are often asked by customers about buying additional dongles. Typically technicians and garage owners would like one for the office, one for the workshop and one for the laptop.

Our view, when designing Diagnostic Assistance, was to make multiple installs possible for a very reasonable price. We avoided software time-outs and pay per view to be fair to our customers.

Diagnostic Assistance enables customers to install the software on multiple computers within the same site; the dongle is the license to view. The dongle allows a single person to use the software. The user simply moves the dongle from the PC that is no longer in use, to the PC that they want to use.

It is possible that two or more people may want to use the software at the same time. If this is this case, we would appreciate your support in buying an additional copy of Diagnostic Assistance. The price of the software has been kept purposely low; it equates to a single days training for a single technician, or four hours of saved labour (at average labour rates) over the life of the software.

Unfortunately, our ‘excellent value for money' pricing strategy does not support discounts for additional copies. Your investment in our software helps us to maintain existing software and to develop new features. We really do appreciate you custom.

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