Frequently Asked Questions

Version 16


Q: Is Diagnostic Assistance is more than just another data disk?
A: Diagnostic Assistance software is an application that ties the used of the scan tool, multimeter/ oscilloscope and technical data together. It provides information which will enable you to go from fault to fix and improve your first time fix rate on vehicle diagnostics.

Q: So, it doesn't replace my Autodata / Workshop Data disk, it compliments it?
A: Yes, our software is focused on guiding you to how best to test analyse a fault to verify its root cause, and much more besides.

Q: But it's more than just a component test guide?
A: Yes, it covers all of the subjects that a modern motor technician should, and will, need to know. It is validated against NVQ/VRQ level3. It contains MasterTechNotes which give you the inside track on quick and accurate diagnostics, just-in-time-learning about how stuff works, and useful test and measurement hints and tips.

Q: Can I find what I need quickly without reading pages of stuff?
A: Yes, we have developed a easy to use rapid search function that will rate the content against your search criteria.

Q: Can I create my own list of hot topics or favourite subjects or tests.
A: Yes, you can add content to your favourites list and call them up when you like.

Q: Can I add my own tips and info to it?
A: Yes, if you want to make a specific job related note you can. These will be preserved even when you update Diagnostic Assistance.

Q: How quickly will I get a return on my investment in Diagnostic Assistance.
A: At the average garage labour charge out rate, if Diagnostic Assistance saves you 4 hours, you'll have made your money back.

Q: Does Diagnostic Assistance time out?
A: No, it does not time out or switch off. Updates to version 16 will be available to purchase at the end of the first year.

Q: Am I buying a subscription?
A: No, you are buying a licence to run the current version of Diagnostic Assistance software which includes one security dongle in the purchase.

Q: Can I buy more dongles so I don't have to keep unplugging it for different PC?
A: The dongle is the security access to the software, if you want more dongles then you have to buy a further CD / dongle package. More...

Q. Can I load the software on an Apple Mac, iPhone or iPad?
A. The software uses Windows and Internet Explorer to run. Whilst we believe it is possible to replicate Windows with Mac products we have not tested this and as such would advice a Mac user not to purchase the product.

Q. Can I load the software on Kindle reader or similar device?
A. No these are not a Windows based products.

Q. Will the software work on a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet / Windows version 10?
A. We do have a version of Diagnostic Assistance successfully running on Surface Pro.

Q. Are there any known issues running the software on a PC  & Windows version 10?
A. We have experienced a very small number of PC's which have an issue. The USB dongle is recognised by the PC and Diagnostic Assistance is installed correctly, but it cannot see the dongle. This is a motherboard/USB incompatibility issue. The only solution is to install on a different PC.

Q. Do all my computers need to be connected to the internet to work the software?
A. The software needs to be initially registered on an internet based PC and some aspects of the MyNotes management requires an internet connection.

Q. Can I use Diagnostic Assistance with a tablet PC, with a micro USB port?
A. You will need to check that the tablet PC supports the use of a micro USB to standard USB conversion lead. This is sometimes called a OTG lead.